Employee Management

How Personality Types Affect Practice Success - Books
Please Understand Me

Problems in dental offices are caused by a breakdown in communications due to different personality styles. Understanding your employees' personality traits can help to better match your staff with the work they are likely to do best.

Based on the Myers Briggs Temperament Type, each job position in dentistry, business, clinical and hygiene is discussed teaching you what personality types are best suited to fill those positions. Dentists will learn how their personality affects their ability to successfully manage the business and its employees. Included is the book Please Understand Me which provides the personality test and scoring form.

Our entire staff complied with taking the test and enjoyed learning about each other's personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. Most helpful was learning about the Dr.'s traits. It is helping us accept more responsibility in working with his weaknesses. And it is helping us appreciate his strengths more.

It has also helped confirm the choices we have made with the placement of our staff. They are actually working better and are improving on their weaknesses. This is a must for all offices who are striving to be successful under less stress.

Char Ediger, Dr. Gordon R. Ediger