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Employment Policy and Handbook

Employment Policy and Handbook: FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

1. Is the lack of an employment relations policy in practices a real risk to the owners?
 Absolutely. Mike Moore has handled hundreds of employee administrative complaints and suits, and has read thousands of court opinions. From this experience we know that practices suffer from a very high proportion of employment claims, particularly sexual harassment, false imprisonment, retaliation and defamation. And, unfortunately, even if ultimately proven to be meritless, the average cost to the employer to defend such a suit through trial can be $75,000.00 or more.

2. Our office has only a handful of employees. Why spend the   money and time to implement an employee relations policy?
Small staffs can grow, and if growth is not anticipated by policies and procedures, it is most likely the recognition of need will only come with the service of a complaint and summons to appear in court. But even if the staff remains small, unfortunately people change. The most wonderful employee today may tomorrow be the one who sues. Having a policy not only insulates against the possibility of suit, it prevents misunderstandings that can cause good employees to leave. Finally, you will find that a policy makes employees much more comfortable and confident of their positions. Research shows that people who work in places with such policies – particularly policies that have a clear path for the hearing of concerns – are much happier and more productive.

3. Won’t implementing the new policy upset the staffand makethem suspicious?
Not at all. By presenting the policy as something that benefits them, by making procedures transparent, employees appreciate the consideration.

4. No one here is an expert in employment relations. How will we know what to do?
McKenzie HR employee handbook and policies, we will go over the manual and customize it to your needs. We’ve written it precisely for non-professionals in HR, so a review of the policy will tell you pretty much what you need to know. We also supply additional materials explaining why to keep records and how to do it. And, finally, we are only a phone call or email away for any assistance.

5. My office manager is already swamped. Won’t taking on administration of an employee relations policy put her under?
Not at all. We’ve designed the policy to be self-executing. That is, unless you are hiring or firing, there is little that needs to be done. That is the beauty of having it in writing. And, if you should have an internal complaint, you have the confidence of the step-by-step procedure that the employee and you can follow.

6. Why should I spend the money for the McKenzie HR policies? I’ve seen HR policies sold in bookstores for much less. I know that some payroll companies offer employee manuals and HR support.
We’re sure you have heard of other offerings. But those are off-the-shelf pattern policies that are not customized to your needs – or you are expected to customize the policy yourself. Off-the shelf policies often are just wrong. And none that we know of have the ultimate protection of the integrated employee concern and discipline procedures – which have come from Mike Moore’s review of dozens of company policies and knowing the best and the worst. Fact is, the old adage “you get what you pay for” applies here as it does in any other aspect of your business. Another one is appropriate too: don’t be “penny wise and pound foolish.” One civil rights charge or a single lawsuit delivers the lesson too late.