Employee Management

How to Hire The Best Dental Employee - Book

A Dentist's Guide to Effective Interviewing

Now there is a complete guide to help dentists in hiring new employees. Chapters include: developing a job description, advertising, reviewing the resumes, initial telephone screening, the interview process, the application form, asking the right questions, testing applicants, and checking references.

The manual includes ads that generate responses, a ready-to-use application form, over 100 questions designed specifically for business, hygiene, and clinical assistants positions, as well as competency tests.


Recruiting and Hiring

Employee Application
Downloadable Form

Dental Specific Employment Application – Designed to Help You Make the Right Hiring Decision

Our application is 4 sided and provides you with all the information you need to make a smart hiring decision.

  • Salary and benefit requirements
  • Professional Skills including years of experience performing x-rays, temporary crowns, 4 handed dentistry, electronic claims transmission, treatment presentation, delinquent account contact, perio therapy and much more!
  • Employment history, starting and final salary of previous jobs
  • Provides space for applicants personal insight regarding career obstacles and best and least enjoyed duties
  • Size 8 1/2" by 11"

Interview Questions
Downloadable Forms

Interview Questions Designed to Capture Job Knowledge And…
Willingness To Be A Peak Performer!

Now you can ask specific questions based on the job description of the person you are hiring. "If you had a patient scheduled for a two-hour procedure for tomorrow but were unable to confirm that appointment what would you do?" No more guessing if their past experience will be adequate for your position. Interview questions for applicants with no dental experience are also available.

Interview Questions- General:
Interview questions designed for any position in the practice with dental or non-dental experience.
Interview Questions- Business Staff
Interview questions designed specifically for interviewing Front Office business staff.
Interview Questions- Hygienists
Interviewing questions designed specifically for interviewing Hygienists.
Interview Questions- Clinical Assistants:
Interviewing questions designed specifically for interviewing Clinical Assistants.