Seminar Testimonials

"Thank you for such a nice presentation. This was the second seminar at PNC that you gave within the last 3-4 years and I enjoyed it a lot. Unfortunately, continuing education has become a business for the lecturer. They try to give very little information at the full day seminar but show that they have lot more to offer if you go to their seminar series. I take lots of continuing education courses, I am sure more than average! It is very frustrating to sit for 8 hours and hardly learn anything! Your seminar was different. You gave us solutions to the problems ( We know our problems but not the solutions- very few Management Guru's realize that). Your solutions were also the ones that would make sense- you can apply to any size practice. I took notes till I ran out of space! Great Job! I am sure you will get good business from this crowd as you showed that you are in real world with real solutions."

Dipika Shah, DDS, FAGD
 President Monmouth-Ocean County Dental Society

"On behalf of the entire Chicago Dental Society and myself especially, thank you for a great presentation. The size of your audience speaks for itself."

Director of Scientific Programs
Chicago Dental Society

"On behalf of the Rhode Island Dental Association and myself, I wanted to thank you very much for an absolutely outstanding presentation. As I mentioned, we usually lose most of the audience as the afternoon progresses, especially on a sunny beautiful day. I was astounded by the fact that more than three-quarters of the original audience was there until the very end."

Dr. Martin C. Nager

"On behalf of the Frances Scott Key Study Club members, staff and guests who attended your recent two day seminar, I wish to extend our sincere thanks for an excellent seminar. I have spoken with several doctors who attended both sessions and the consensus has been yours was the most enlightening management seminar many of us have atended in years. Thank you!"

Dr. Richard Rogers

"The District Ten Young Dentist committee and I would like to thank you for participating in the Second District Ten Conference on the Young Dentist at Lake Okoboji. I heard so many good comments about your presentation. It's hard to compete with the Okoboji beach and sunshine, but you managed to keep a full house all afternoon with your excellent ideas on practice management."

District Ten Commission on the Young

Thank you for presenting an exciting and educational program to the Illinois State Dental Society. The feedback from the evaluation was very positive. As a speaker, your communication skills emphasize the practical and straightforward solutions to conquering business and management problems in the dental office. Your presentation not only focused on our memeber doctors, but opened a well of knowledge for the staff members as well. Your energy and well-organized presentation was a hit with our members.

Susan D. Ferry, Director of Member Services
Illinois State Dental Society

It is so nice to see that the organization I work for already implements many of Sally's suggestions. I am the office manager for Hospitality Dental Group, this organization consists of eight offices and I know that what Sally is implementing works and does work even for a large organization such as ours.

Attendee at the AGD Annual Meeting

It was the "best" and most informative of all the seminars I've attended in recent years.

Sue Smith Office Manager

This seminar showed me my habits and how I could start doing business correctly!

Dr. Chad Williams
Attendee Townie Meeting

Great job! Very well done, all of Sally's topics benefited me equally! My partner and I are opening up a practice and this seminar provided me with knowledge not provided in dental school.

David Marutani, DMD
Attendee Hawaii Dental Association

Sally presented objective and solid means of measuring practice performance. Budget and overhead costs were well explained especially knowing what is ideal, the percentage of production and collection. She shed light into practice management and hopefully my staff will understand business better like I do now.

Lisa Valdernna
Attendee Hawaii Dental Association

Every topic was extremely beneficial! Sally raised my level of awareness for collection efficiency and internal operations.

Ron Brielia, DMD
Attendee Pennsylvania Seminar