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Purchasing a Dental Practice?

The Practice Acquisition Program is designed to provide you with a smooth transition as the "new owner" of the practice. We'll begin by teaching you what it takes to be a CEO of your new dental business and supporting you with teleconference calls prior to your purchase to review your acquisition progress. Once you have acquired the practice, your consultant/coach will supply you with the knowledge and tools to insure your "new" practice is reaching its full potential. While you will be acquiring existing employees and business operational systems, it is important to integrate your philosophy and your vision. Your personal consultant/coach will come on-site shortly after your current business acquisition to analyze operations and provide you with a comprehensive, evidence-based analysis, step-by-step strategic Action Plan, training/implementation and support that will allow you to not only start out on the right path but to continuously improve throughout your career in some of the following areas listed below :

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Partnering with McKenzie Management was the best! They helped me get financing for my new practice, which included their expertise for my first year. Honestly, I had no idea what I was doing. They helped through the acquisition phase and then after I got the keys they were there to help get the existing staff on board. I knew that gaining the respect of the employees was not going to happen just because I signed their paycheck now. My McKenzie Coach went over all the business operations and developed a plan that enrolled them in the process, opened up the lines of communication and leveled the playing field for me as the "newbie" coming into their world. We had our new plan of action and the first year we increased the production by 23%! I haven't worried one second about paying my loan! I have complete confidence in myself as a business owner thanks to McKenzie Management!

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