Dental Consulting Coaching Programs

Practice Assist Program

Hands-on Support To Keep You And The Team Moving Forward
If you feel your practice and your team could use additional one-on-one time with the McKenzie experts, we also offer our Practice Assist Program that provides monthly on-site visits, telephone support and unlimited email. For doctors who dislike the business and management aspects of running a practice, this is the perfect solution. Your personal McKenzie Management Consultant/Coach uncovers dormant revenue, creates an action plan to capture the revenue, trains the team and assists with the development of your practice business and clinical protocols.

Experience shows that many dentists and team lack the time, skill or desire to overcome obstacles and realize hidden revenue opportunities.  Our thirty years of assisting professionals allows you to side-step the time consuming, frustrating, and expensive trial and error method of practice management.  Your Consultant/Coach will facilitate the practice enhancement process and fast-track the road to results.

The benefits to you are lowered stress, a well managed practice, and increased business – partnering with you to manage the practice.  It's like having a professional office manager without the employee liability. 

Practice Assist Program Features
  • Monthly on-site sessions
  • Custom Business & Clinical Protocol Manuals
  • Team survey compilation
  • Monthly meeting agenda with practice goals
  • Team training, support and follow-up
  • Business monitors
Staffing Support Services
  • Establish clear job descriptions
  • Employee performance monitors
  • Hire for excellence
  • Recruit quality candidates
  • Provide hands-on training
  • Establish clear compensation policies
  • Employee reviews effectively
  • Establish employee conflict protocols
  • Create clear disciplinary and dismissal procedures
Revenue Enhancement Opportunities
  • Train for excellence
  • Market wisely
  • Schedule efficiently
  • Improve hygiene productivity
  • Retain patients
  • Enhance treatment presentation
  • Ensure case acceptance
  • Build a cohesive team
  • Monitor and evaluate fees
  • Implement overhead controls