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Sally McKenzie
McKenzie Management

Top 6 Greatest Concerns for Dentists 14:03

Sally McKenzie
McKenzie Management

Practice Profit Killers 14:22

Sally McKenzie
McKenzie Management

How Dentists Lose Patients Every Day 12:26

Sally McKenzie
McKenzie Management

How to Hire the Best Employee 11:19

Sally McKenzie
McKenzie Management

How Many Front Office Employees Do I Need? 15:13

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Top 6 Greatest Concerns For Dentists
Overhead, Team Building, Case Acceptance, Patient Retention, Fees and Scheduling. Learn which overhead category you have the most control in lowering as well as how a dentist builds a great team. Discover key points in getting patients to accept their treatment and how to retain your patients. Learn how to set, review and raise your fees and recommendations for cancellations and failure of appointments.

Practice Profit Killers
Production fluctuates, collections are down, you have unproductive job descriptions and the hygienist is sitting and waiting. Learn how to set daily production goals with your overhead as the starting point as well as techniques to ensure better collections. Understand the difference between a productive and unproductive job description and the causes behind an unprofitable hygiene department.

How Dentists Lose Patients Everyday
78% of 128,000 general dentists in the U.S. are solo practitioners. Considering the length of time in practice, 15 to 30+ years, why is there only enough work to keep one dentist busy? Because you are losing more patients out the back door than are coming in the front door! Dentists lose patients everyday and don't know it's happening. Learn why patients leave a practice and how the recall system plays a big part in patient retention.

How To Hire The Best Employee
Learn advertising techniques for recruiting, how personality types should play a big part in hiring the best applicant, why new employees fail or perform with mediocrity and what tests are best to determine successful employees.

How Many Front Office Employees Do I Need?
Learn how to determine when to go from 1 to 2 to 3, etc. front office staff as well as job descriptions and key points to consider when you have more than one front office employee.