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Dental Marketing

McKenzie Management’s full service marketing team can provide you with the tools you need to fill your chairs with the quality new patients you desire.

With our exclusive ‘Collective Marketing’ plans, we can help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of marketing. We will evaluate your practice and community to determine what will be the most effective marketing medium to succeed.

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Dental Logo Development

A logo is a visual representation of your business. A logo should be well designed and should be able to deliver the message that your business is credible and professional.

The look and the feel of a company logo can attract potential business based on the message being sent. It has been observed that in the initial stages most of the business ventures have almost negligible market share but good marketing strategies and smart management decisions converts that small business into a big brand. The development of an effective business logo design is a must for good marketing strategy.

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Dental Branding

Branding is making a statement of who you are with consistent identification, and allowing others to recognize you by the image you have developed. This is either a positive or negative from the results of your choice of commitment.

• Deliver the message clearly
• Confirm your credibility
• Connect your target patients emotionally
• Motivate the patient
• Concrete user loyalty

Dental Direct Mail

It’s more than just a pretty photo and some words on a postcard. To get your phone ringing and your business growing, you need an effective direct mail piece and that is a science of its own. You need to study your business demographics, the demographics of the area, the market trends and the economic trends. You need to find out who the perfect customer is for you and then get your direct mail into their hands with a message that calls them to action.

Americans spend 720 Billion annually in response to ads they get in the mail.
• Generate new customers
• Communicate with existing customers
• Encourage interest in new products or services
• Build community name recognition

Direct Mail drives people to web and social media.
Direct Mail generates direct response with phone calls.

Dental Websites

A Website is your business’ place on the internet. An effective website is able to educate visitors on your products and services, and has the potential to sell them before they ever decide to visit your practice.

Each website is custom, not templated. Your website should reflect your office and your personality.

• Needs to captivate within a few seconds
• Has a prominent phone number if a customer decides to call
• Is organized and has a good flow
• Appealing graphics and layout
• Informative and answers viewer questions
• Easy to use and navigate

Additional Marketing Services

We offer additional marketing services to help you grow your practice with a consistant and quality image.

• Name Development • Call Tracking
• Internal Monthly Marketing • SEO
• Social Media • Email Campaigns
• Newsletters • Print Ads
• Community Events • Referral Programs
• Brochures