Dental Consulting Coaching Programs

Dentist Leadership Coaching

Addresses such issues as :

  • You're so busy juggling crises that there's no time for practice development.
  • Your energy is being drained by your workload, staff, patients, or personal issues.
  • Staff behaviors don't even come close to reflecting your priorities.
  • You're finding it difficult to align decisions with your practice vision.
  • Practice growth is stuck in neutral and you can't find the motivation to shift gears.
  • Integrating the demands of your professional and personal life gets tougher every day.
  • Nobody knows who's boss!

Leadership Coaching is a one-on-one process designed to maximize your potential and success. Having clearly defined objectives, the "Coach" helps you to reduce internal obstacles and acquire facts that stimulate talents within you. As a Dentist Business Owner, roadblocks occur. And while you know how to use a handpiece, dealing with staff and patients is not always inherent in technical skills. Dentist Coaching helps to break through those roadblocks by providing structure and inspiration. Coaching gives you an objective, reasonable perspective so you can be more effective and successful, personally and professionally.

What are the benefits of Leadership Coaching?
Individual benefits of coaching can vary greatly depending on the dentist's specific needs. However, some of the most common benefits described by dentists include: Improved leadership skills, clearer direction and focus, handling difficult situations more quickly and decisively, resolving conflict, reduced stress and increased energy, improved staff management and team building skills, a more balanced and happy lifestyle and improved communication skills. Studies reveal that those Executives who receive coaching improved their performance by 85%!

How does it work?
Like most dentists, you may prefer the convenience of telephone coaching sessions, at lunch or after treating patients or another time that is convenient for you. Your individual needs and desires are formulated into a customized agenda for reaching your objectives. The "Coach" helps you to see and handle problems before they become catastrophes. The "Coach" will share what they see but won't solve your problems for you. The "Coach" gives you feedback without emotional attachment. After your coaching session, you will be emailed a Coaching Summary to keep as an on going reference of progress.
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Leadership Coaching Assessment

Would you benefit from improving your Leadership Skills?

Please take a few minutes and answer the following 10 questions.
Does the job of being the boss frustrate you? Yes No
Do you feel that you are the only one who cares about getting the work out day-in and day-out? Yes No
Are there employees you try to avoid or work around? Yes No
Do you think you communicate clear directions only to find mistakes are made? Yes No
Do you find yourself with more and more work trying to compensate for under-performers? Yes No
Have you tried to get more commitment and motivation from your employees but problems still continue? Yes No
Do you get angry at your staff because they don't achieve the level of results you expect? Yes No
Do you worry that you may not be successful? Yes No
Do you feel stretched too thin? Yes No
Are you questioning your choice of career paths? Yes No

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