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Community Overview Report

Is the location you are considering a "sure-winner" or does it have it have the "kiss-of-death" for future success?
This Community Overview Report will tell you!

The Community Overview Report breaks down 14 CONTIGUOUS Zip Codes as well as 5, 10 and 15 minute drive-time radii and is divided into three parts:

  • Competition
  • Demographics
  • Psychographics (Lifestyles)

This is the most recent demographic data published anywhere and the Report is written in language that will make sense to dental professionals. It is not a set of numbers and facts but a professional analysis. Specific conclusions and recommendations are presented so you can know with confidence what a demographer sees and the strengths and liabilities of the site.

Find out:

  • Where patients will likely travel to get to the location
  • Why people travel past a given site
  • Dentist-to-population ratio
  • Population
  • Projected population
  • Median Age
  • Median Income
  • Income by Percentage
  • Households
  • Age by Percentage
  • Per Capita Income
  • Average Disposable Income
  • Product purchase categories
  • What people watch, buy, and shop for/how they relate to dentistry

Also included are:

  • Geographic Overview maps
  • Zip Code Boundaries
  • Competition Location maps
  • 13 charts including: Population, Growth, Households, Per Capita Income, Median Income, Income Breakout Age, Ethnicity, Consumer Potential Index and Employment
  • 5 data tables including: Ratio of Dentists-to-Population, Owner-vs.-Renter, Historical Growth, Major Employers, Property Values


A person can get data from any source. It is the Analysis of that data in a way that puts the information perspective for dentists that is most important. Just what makes an area good or bad, filled with potential or burdened with risk is what a dental marketing analyst of demographic data can provide. It is the perspective gained with training and years of experience that makes these Reports so invaluable.