Dental Consulting Coaching Programs

McKenzie Management's Dental Consulting Coaching Programs are designed to enable you to get the most out of work and life at every stage in your career. Whether you are starting out as a new dentist, at the cross-roads of your mid-career, or anytime throughout your professional journey until the day you decide it's time to turn the keys over to a new associate, McKenzie Management is there.

Each specifically designed Program is tailored to give you more of whatever it is you are looking for in your practice - more time, more money, more efficiency, more joy and satisfaction and above all else, excellent results.

A Message From Sally McKenzie, CEO

As a fellow business owner, I know it's important for you to have confidence and trust in the management company you choose. Established in 1980, our team at McKenzie Management has over "over 400 years" to "over 500 years" of combined experience in all aspects of dentistry and is a recognized leader in practice management and innovation. Ours is a diversified management company. In other words, we provide services to dental practices across the spectrum… from the million dollar, multi-doctor office to the small family practice… from general dentists to specialists…from the fee for service office to the managed care practice…from the solo practitioners to the multiple location group practices.

Through the years, McKenzie Management has set itself apart from the competitors by providing a full array of truly excellent consulting/coaching services. First and foremost, our recommendations and your plan of action are tailored specifically for your practice. They are not presented using a generic, cookie cutter approach. We take the time to listen carefully to you, your goals and objectives, your concerns and frustrations, your dreams and aspirations. What's more, it is my personal commitment to ensure that you fully understand the basis of any recommendations we make that involve changing processes or modifying systems in your office. Our customized recommendations are based on your vision and where you want to take your practice. Our plan of action fully considers the socio-economics of your patients, the geographical location of your practice, the dynamics and skill set of your team, and your temperament type. And you never have to travel a mile. We come to your practice…you don't come to us.

After our on-site analysis, presentation of customized recommendations, training and implementation, you'll receive a customized report written in impressive detail specifically and deliberately addressing the issues, concerns, and opportunities that present in your practice. But it doesn't stop there. Your McKenzie Management consultant remains on hand to train your staff and answer questions such as, "Where do we begin?" and "How do we do that?" Our continual follow up and on-going support reinforce your practice goals and enable you to closely monitor the progress of the implementation process. This ensures the recommendations are applied correctly, the desired results are achieved, and, most importantly, you are measuring your success along the way.

So… what is the bottom line? Providing you the financial rewards you've earned… giving you the time away from the office you desire… ensuring you achieve the control over your practice you're seeking… and helping you to attain your goals and vision daily. And that is why McKenzie Management is the trusted and proven leader in practice management today and will continue to be well into the future.