Kudos from our Dental Practice Start Up Clients...

Dr. Laura Greenwald

As I built my team of professionals to help me start my own pediatric dental practice, I turned to McKenzie Management for assistance. I had heard good reviews of Sally and her company from dental literature and decided that they would be a good addition to my team as I built my startup. I especially appreciated that they had experience with specialty offices and a comprehensive startup package that encompassed everything I needed as I planned for my startup business.

I hired McKenzie because as a dentist I had never run a business, so I did not know exactly how many people I needed to hire to help me with every step. They were able to introduce me to other professionals who would assist me in finding a location, reviewing the lease, comparing contractors and even helping me to narrow down candidates for employment. The other goal I had in hiring McKenzie was that I wanted help in preparing a ProForma that would ultimately create a budget for personal and business expenses as well as map out financial goals for years 1 and 2 of the practice.

My decision to hire a consulting team, especially McKenzie, grew out of the realization that I would rather spend some money up front to have experts in the field of dental practice management instead of wasting money later. I, of course, was the final decision maker but it was refreshing to be able to run decisions by my consulting team.

McKenzie has been an awesome component of my startup practice! They have been there for me through the entire startup process. The process was made so much easier because they helped me narrow down my vision and goals in the form of a business plan, which to this day is the motivating factor for just about every decision I make for the practice. My consultants were VERY hands on with me from day one. They were supportive in every way from helping me review bids to giving me support as I questioned purchases. I have to say, now that my office is open, I see them as not only consultants but friends.

Dr. Bryan Stimmler
New York

After finishing my residency I went into private practice working as an associate, as most of us do. As many have experienced, it was not the most pleasant working environment. It lacked many of the opportunities I looked forward to utilizing in my practice andhad a poor business structure. Long story short: it was time for me to shut up and put my (lack of) money where my mouth was and start my own practice.

I knew what I wanted and now I needed someone with experience to help me make it happen. After a few weeks of research online, in journals, word of mouth, and more, I found McKenzie Management. As a member and believer in organized dentistry I cross-referenced everyone with the ADA, and guess who was there? That's right, McKenzie. I made a call, and after a few conversations and many questions asked, I was teamed up with what I can only describe as a super hero in the form of a McKenzie Management Consultant. She knew what I was going for, what type of practice I wanted, HOW I wanted it run, the lay out, the branding, the environment, everything. We worked very closely together, non-stop phone calls (mostly from my end), millions of emails; McKenzie was always around when I needed them, even on Sundays!

Where I think they paid off big time, amongst the long list I could rattle off, was dealing with vendors. This was an area I did not have experience in, and they stepped up in a big way to connect me with like minded companies that would help me with everything from branding/website tasks to construction and CPA's.

I really like structure, having a firm game plan to follow. McKenzie set that up with my input from the get go. It was easy to navigate, made perfect sense, and was not only a constant reminder that they were in it with me for the long haul, but that they were with me for all of the small stuff, the stress, and the snags along the way.I don't know what would have happened if I would have tried to do this all on my own, but without McKenzie Management I'm sure I wouldn't be this prepared and set up to have an awesome future that is MINE for years to come.