Kudos from our clients ...

Dr. J. Alex Bell

I looked at several dental practice management companies before I chose McKenzie Management. My initial reason to contact McKenzie Management was to help me find a new Office Manager to replace my current Operations Manager who was going back to school to become a dentist. Also, I had a son that was soon going to be joining the practice and I wanted to make things better for him. 

After speaking with the CEO, Sally McKenzie, directly, I knew McKenzie Management would be able to help me achieve my goals. I could tell Sally understood my needs and my concerns. She anticipated my goals and more importantly she knew the direction I needed to go to achieve them. It did not take me long after I started working with my McKenzie Management consultant to realize that I needed to step back and reassess my needs.

My main concerns were:

  • My ever-increasing accounts receivable
  • A hygiene department that was under producing
  • A feeling that I was working harder than ever, yet going nowhere fast

Though I lived a very comfortable lifestyle, there was never anything left over. Since working with my consultant, systems have been put into place throughout the entire practice.

  • Accountability has been established
  • My employees know what is expected of them
  • My Hygienist no longer ‘just cleans teeth’ and now performs more productive non-surgical periodontal treatment
  • Goals have been set and these goals are met on a regular basis
  • I have a new Office Manager in place that understands the importance of each of these new systems and goals. 

I now have a very aggressive defined benefit retirement plan in place and have been able to fund it, pay my bills and have something left over. My wife and I will enjoy over 6 weeks of vacation this year! Thank you McKenzie Management!

Dr. Summer Kassmel

We began working with McKenzie Management when we realized we needed to make our front office more efficient.  We wanted to clarify our team members’ responsibilities within the practice.

We had gone through a few other consulting programs but never really got the ‘nitty gritty’, ‘nuts and bolts’ answers we were looking for and instead got generalities and grand ideas.  We didn't like that none of the other consultants we tried had ever personally worked in a dental office before and didn’t truly understand what we experience day-to-day. 

Our consultant gave us SO MANY recommendations that I had never even thought of!  She was an absolute wizard at our practice management software and gave us many helpful ideas on how to utilize the program more effectively.  She also taught us treatment case presentation and acceptance strategies and we still see the benefits of this today. 

McKenzie Management’s recommendations have helped us all with our confidence, thus helping us achieve greater case acceptance.

Dr. Steve Goodwin

I normally find most products, services or claims to be disappointing or within a few standard deviations of my reasonable expectations.  McKenzie Management was an exception.  My McKenzie consultant completely exceeded my expectations of what a consultant can do for a dental practice!  In the course of my contract year, I had her come to my office 5 times.  In a sentence; whenever my consultant visits my office, my practice improves.  I work with 9 women at the office.  This “council of 9” collectively will spot a fraud a mile away and my office staff LOVED McKenzie Management.  Considering who and what McKenzie and my consultant represent…change…that’s not an easy thing to come by.
My consultant’s mastery of practice management information and clarity of presentation was staggering; her energy level was amazing.  My staff really listened to our consultant’s recommendations.  They did what she recommended because they respect her.

Working with McKenzie Management over this past year has been a crucial developmental step for my practice.  My “numbers” speak for themselves.  What McKenzie Management has is truly one in a million.  Thank you very much for having such a master team available for guidance.

Dr. Kurt Williams

I feel that McKenzie Management truly delivered on what we hoped for when our practice began our consulting program.  

My consultant listened to me when I described the improvements I was looking for and then she helped us improve our systems in just the right ways to meet these goals. Our McKenzie consultant was an excellent communicator and my entire staff immediately clicked with her and really enjoyed getting to know her.  Also, it was a huge help that she had a superior understanding of our practice management software, because in the end many of our problems came from our underutilization of that software.  

We now have our coverage books set up properly so we can charge patients the correct copays and the system is set up such that the statistics we read are meaningful and helpful to us.

I am extremely happy with the consultant McKenzie Management assigned to us and I will definitely be calling back to discuss bringing her back for another few days later this year.

Dr. Kimberly Winters

I had been receiving McKenzie Management’s newsletters for quite some time.  It was logical that the source of inspiration for me and my staff from a distance be brought closer in an actual working relationship.  The people at McKenzie were so warm and personal and it felt like the right choice for my practice.

We were dealing with no-shows and cancellations of patients and needed to improve our accounts receivable.  I was looking for proper training for my front desk/business office to improve communication between business and clinical team members to increase profitability. 

There have been numerous changes that our consultant recommended that have improved our systems. Specifically, using job descriptions for better accountability.  These changes have made a tremendous impact on my practice.

Our consultant, was thorough and professional, yet personal enough to bring the change that was received well by my team.  She was extremely perceptive and maximized the time we had her in the office.  This was a perfect match and there is no looking back now!

Dr. Jeff Stahly

I initially reached out to McKenzie Management 10 years ago for advice because I saw the need to better understand my practice and develop a clear direction.  I didn't really have systems in place in my practice and I did not know what to do to fix the situation.  I had just been ‘flying by the seat of my pants’ since I had purchased my practice 6 years earlier and I was tired of working that way. 

The recommendation my consultant made that has had the biggest impact on my practice is showing me what numbers to pay attention to in my practice and how these numbers compare to the average practice so I have a clear goal to aim for and exceed in the following areas:

  • Hygiene
  • Collections
  • Patient Retention
  • Overhead
  • Treatment Acceptance
  • Accounts Receivable

My staff and I monitor the percentages every day (i.e. supply percentages, over the counter collection percentages, accounts receivable, lab, and especially my payroll). Each staff member has a specific job role and delivers their stats at the weekly meeting so there is 100% accountability.

I keep coming back to McKenzie because my personal consultant knows my practice and she really knows me.  The familiarity makes it easier for her to consult and make recommendations and makes it easier for me to implement her suggestions.  She has always said ‘once a McKenzie client, always a McKenzie client’.  They are here to help and I find that to be true.

Dr. Sean Mohn

My practice is in a small town in Ohio south of Akron.  We have produced over $1 million/year for the last 4 years on 3 days/week.  The practice seemed to be a pretty well oiled machine. However, I needed to provide my front desk team with some training for our practice management software as well as address the issue of Accounts Receivable over 90 days and the A/R to production rate. I chose to work with McKenzie Management because they are the gold standard in dental consulting.  The name carries a lot of respect throughout the entire field of dentistry.

McKenzie Management sent a consultant who was an expert in our practice management software.  The training was very specific to my team’s needs.  Our consultant provided a game plan to attack our Accounts Receivable Problems.  Prior to the consulting our A/R over 90 days was at 31%.  A goal was set at <10% and now our A/R currently sits at 5%. The increase in cash flow has been amazing!  Our A/R to Production Rate was 1.11 prior to consulting.  A goal was set at <1.0/month net production.  Currently our A/R to Production rate sits at .67.  Again, the improvement has been nothing but amazing!

I definitely found that no matter what your practice is accomplishing there is always room for improvement.  McKenzie Management has provided my team with some very valuable tools to move forward to even more profitability.  The experience was eye opening, exciting, and professional.  If you want RESULTS then I highly recommend McKenzie Management.  I want to personally thank my consultant for all she has done for my team: the long hours, the travel, and the constant checking in on me.  The McKenzie team is AMAZING! I just signed up for another round of training. Success is contagious!

Gary Esoldi, D.M.D.
Hackensack, NJ

You and your company turned my entire business around and it improved my quality of life across the board. But I think that you already know that because you are the best in the business. I would highly recommend you to anyone that has the foresight to see an investment with you will reap dividends permanently, as long as you stay with the program. Please feel free to have anyone contact me about my experience with your organization, it would be my pleasure.

Dr. Jared Lusk
New Mexico

I initially decided to work with McKenzie Management because I had heard good things about Sally McKenzie.I wanted to be more consistent and make my practice more profitable by getting rid of the ups and downs that seemed to happen.

I think the implementation of McKenzie's Business Management System has made the greatest impact on my practice to date.  Being given specific systems to track the numbers each month and understand those numbers has really helped us.  The team is now held accountable for success in each area of the practice. I really appreciate all that our consultant has done for us.  She was a pleasure to work with and taught all of us a lot.  We are growing and will continue to grow as we fully implement all she has taught us.  I would highly recommend her and McKenzie Management.

Dr. Christopher Hall

I originally chose McKenzie Management based off of what their program offered as stated from their website and inquired via email for further information. Within 5-10 minutes of submittal, Sally McKenzie, the McKenzie Management CEO, Owner and President, was emailing answers back to me on a Saturday night; Impressive!!

I initially chose McKenzie Management's 12-month program. The results were amazing and the year following the program we grew by 20% going from 1.5 million to 1.8 million in production per year.

The big question with any consulting company is 'Should I really spend money to make money?' If deciding upon utilizing McKenzie Management, then it is a profound YES. It's a scenario of 'you don't know what you don't know until you know'. Needless to say, we chose McKenzie again for another on-site evaluation of our systems. After one weekend we were able to see where our practice was and how to get on track to hopefully grow another 20%. The future is bright!