McKenzie Management prepares you to face
business challenges with confidence.

Starting a new practice can be come with tough decisions and major anxiety. But it can also be the opportunity to make sure it’s done exactly the way you want. We will assist you from inception to the completion of building your practice through your first year.

  • Assist and help develop a business plan, vision, mission and goals for proper first year implementation
  • Create and develop a business budget and personal budget pro forma worksheet
  • Facilitate a demographics study
  • Provide referrals for necessary financing
  • Work with the general contractor to ensure your project stays on track
  • Work with dental equipment specialist and review of office design plans with input
  • Assist in creating an image for the dental practice- direction in choosing a name
  • Provide direction on marketing and developing your niche- internal and external marketing, including samples of marketing pieces for concentrated zip codes mailings, and creation of all internal promotional pieces. (Purchase of mailing list, artwork, printing and postage is responsibility of the practice)
  • Provide referral and guidance for signage…temporary and permanent
  • Structure hours of business and days to work to accommodate cash flow
  • Assist in creating employee ads, reviewing resumes and establishing interview and hiring protocol
  • Computer integration with providing referrals for computer, technology, and all equipment
  • Dental office documents: What is necessary and how to implement proper documents
  • Setting ideal overhead and complete fee analysis based on demographic area, guidance in fee setting
  • New patients procedures and processes
  • Understanding patient retention, accounts receivable, insurance processing, scheduling for production, treatment presentations and acceptance, hygiene department development
  • Understanding how to conduct staff planning meetings
  • Provide training for new employee(s) before the opening day
  • Provide support and continued staff training on the opening day

After realizing that buying a dental practice that would fit all of my ideals would be impossible, I determined that I needed to open my own practice and build from the ground up. Having a degree in dentistry and not in business, I knew it would be a challenge for me. I had no idea where to even start. After some research online and through my dental colleagues, I found McKenzie Management. They were offering exactly what I was looking for as far as guidance on how to start building a practice. This included providing and choosing contacts for all the auxiliary needs from getting the bank loan, finding a space with a realtor, to getting a builder, lawyer, CPA, etc. all with dental experience. I felt comfort in all the experience the McKenzie Management team had in going through this process and they really helped me feel like this was something I could accomplish. My consultants were able to really break things down for me in a way that is simple and easy to understand. And, they were always readily available either by email or phone call to answer any questions that I or my staff encountered.
Jennilyn McEnroe, DMD

In addition, we will teach you....

Business Operational Systems

  • Marketing and branding yourself
  • Demographics
  • Employee recruitment, hiring and training
  • Setting a fee schedule
  • Employee performance reviews
  • Measuring overhead
  • Creating job descriptions
  • Effective scheduling
  • Understanding a profit and loss report
  • Production per hour
  • New patient protocol
  • Billing procedures
  • PMSoftware report generation
  • Insurance guidelines
  • Developing a hygiene department
  • Telephone protocol and MORE!

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