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Hygiene Performance Program - 1 Day In Your Office

The Hygiene Performance Program is NOT focused on simply forcing more and more services into the hygiene appointment or pressuring patients but instead, operates on the philosophy of hygienists and doctors wanting to be of service to their patients. With increased knowledge, focused on your philosophy of practice and motivation of “why” and “how to” and the establishment of hygiene protocol, you will see improved hygiene performance.

Enhancing the skills of your hygiene department will result in more productivity, increased patient retention, less stress and enhanced treatment success. Overall, the practice becomes more productive and profitable as a result of having a hygiene department that knows how to exceed industry standards.

McKenzie Management’s Hygiene Performance Program is designed to improve the performance of the hygiene department by providing education, training, protocol and implementation support.

The Hygiene Performance Program focuses on:
  • Increasing production
  • Promoting identification of periodontal disease and treatment
  • Identifying and promoting restorative procedures
  • Communication skills
  • Enhancing job satisfaction

as well as, improving hygiene performance by providing:
  • Development of an office production philosophy that coordinates the practice and hygiene department.
  • Development of the hygiene department as a central production center for the practice.
  • Identification and education of necessary periodontal treatment for patients.
  • Identification and education of necessary restorative treatment for patients.
  • Identification of an "ideal hygiene appointment" and development of a practical approach for the individual office.
  • The role of "scripts" and language for patient understanding and acceptance of needed treatment. For example: discussing the differences among a "regular" prophy, root planning and periodontal maintenance.
  • Development of a radiographic protocol that fits ADA guidelines and recommendations as well as the office philosophy.
  • Development of an office protocol for fluorides, sale of products, and service offerings that fits the practice and hygienists.

Included in this program are three telephone support and follow up conferences, to assist you with implementing the recommendations. Email support is always available.

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