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Periodontal Treatment Acceptance Scripts - Download Now!

You've diagnosed the periodontal disease and conveyed the benefits through educational information, but you're still getting resistance to accepting periodontal treatment? Scripts for overcoming resistance such as "It doesn't hurt," or "I was never told I have periodontal disease" and "Is scaling and root planing just deep cleaning?" plus valuable scripts concerning insurance coverage and coding. Reduce cancellations based on your patient not having enough information to counter their objections. These scripted responses will give you the edges on communication that will help your patients decide to accept treatment. Download these valuable scripts today and get started helping your patients say "Yes" to necessary treatment.


Treatment Acceptance Scripts - Download Now!

Trust and the benefits of the treatment are the most important factors that influence a patient's buying decision.
Overcome patient's resistance to accept your treatment plans. Scripts for overcoming resistance to acceptance such as: "Not now.","I can wait.", "I'll wait till it breaks.", "Let me think about it." as well as scripts to increase acceptance with financing and patient's with insurance Download McKenzie Managements Treatment Acceptance Scripts today and start getting patient's to say YES.


Cash Flow Scripts - Download Now!

Write a new chapter on your practice profits. Download McKenzie Management's Cash Flow Scripts today and start collecting what you produce. This proven communication guide is designed to help team members choose just the right words to encourage patients to willingly pay for treatment. It offers specific strategies to help you make the most of your financial policies and it offers proven approaches for managing even the most delicate financial issues.


Scheduling Scripts - Download Now!

Holes in production. No-shows. Last minute cancellations. Download McKenzie Management's Scheduling Scripts today and start making time your servant not your master. These proven communication scripts will enable your team to immediately implement strategies designed to clearly and effectively emphasize the value of your dental care to patients. Your team will learn how to control no-shows and last minute cancellations just by choosing the right words. They'll discover communication methods that will keep your schedule full and your production solid.


Patient Retention Scripts -Download Now!

Download McKenzie Management's Patient Retention Scripts today and get patients off the fence and into the chair. You and your team will learn the most effective communication approaches for getting patients to schedule treatment today. You'll find proven techniques for making the "past due" patient the current patient. You'll learn how to choose just the right words to reduce no-shows and patient failures and more. Get treatment out of the charts and into the schedule.


Difficult Situations-Scheduling Scripts - Download Now!

You plan appointments to fit the schedule perfectly, and yet some of the most frustrating situations for a dental front office are scheduling changes. Download McKenzie Management's Scripting for Difficult Scheduling Situations and learn how to handle scheduling challenges such as failed appointments, rescheduling patients, missing lab cases, family appointments, cancellations same day, repeated cancellations and patients arriving on the wrong day.


Difficult Situations-Insurance and Financial Issues Scripts - Download Now!

Insurance and financial issues can often create difficult situations. Download McKenzie Management's Scripting for Difficult Insurance and Financial Situations and learn how to handle challenges such as why insurance didn't pay, preferred provider questions, payment options, pricing, and what to do when patients try to limit their treatment to what insurance will pay.