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Building A Successful Recall System - Book

Have you increased your hygiene days per week in the past year? If not ... this book is a must!!!

Unfortunately, patient retention is not guaranteed by preappointing, sending postcards, letters, or even phone calls. But an effective use of an integrated retention system can significantly improve your ability to keep patients returning. This step-by-step guide to the systems used by today's most progressive practices includes: telephone scripts, letters that get responses, telephone monitoring techniques to ensure patient retention, tools to monitor your success, and scheduling tips for a productive hygiene department.


Cash Flow Management - Book

How to: Reduce your accounts receivable, Increase your revenues, and Reduce your overhead expenses

If you're falling short of consistently meeting benchmarks such as: 98% collection ratio, % of accounts receivable over 90 days less than 12%, 45% over the counter collections, 55% overhead expense, 15% minimum increase in collections each year then this book is for you.

Chock-full of proven "scripts" that will make you feel comfortable in collecting money from your patients. Step- by- step training protocol on how to achieve the industry objectives that are accomplished by highly successful practices.

Techniques are given to increase your production by scheduling more effectively. Learn Methods to reduce your overhead in the most common "out of control" areas: dental supplies, laboratory expense, salaries and miscellaneous categories.


My Insurance Covers This...Right? - Brochure

Do your patients understand their dental insurance? Most don't. How does your staff handle patient questions and complaints? This new brochure can help. Great for sending with statements and displaying at the front desk.

Presented in easy-to-understand terms, this high quality 6-panel brochure covers:

  • Why insurance doesn't pay 100% (even though it says it will)
  • Why many procedures are not covered
  • What "UCR" really means
  • Why carriers use negative EOB language
  • Much, much more

Sold in packages of 50.



Drop Insurance Patient Letter:

Downloadable Form

This letter can be sent to patients informing them of your decision not to be a provider of their insurance carrier.


Pre-Authorized Health Care Payment:

Downloadable Form

This form is used to obtain patient's credit card authorization to charge any balance not paid by insurance.


Insurance Coverage Questionnaire:

Downloadable Form

Get patients to call their insurance company and provide you with their coverage information. Give this form to new patients or mail in a new patient welcome package.