Dental Training Center

Treatment Acceptance Training

Curriculum: 1 Day of Eight Hour One-on-One Training

Do you find yourself wasting precious time presenting treatment plans that are dismissed or half-heartedly pursued by patients? Do you feel you are well prepared, patients are listening attentively and they indicate they will pursue your recommendations only to cancel and not show for subsequent appointments?
The Treatment Acceptance Training Program yields significant improvements in securing patient's commitment.

  • This is NOT a class room setting but one-on-one instruction
  • Certificate of Completion is awarded
  • Curriculum Training Manual is provided

Securing treatment acceptance for major and even minor cases requires three key elements - communicating clearly and listening carefully, involving the patient, and addressing their issues. Your personal instruction will include:

  • Patient communication: written, verbal and body language
  • Presenting diagnosed treatment/case presentation scripts and dialogues for success
  • Skills for communication between doctor, assistant and hygienist/personality profiles
  • Financial strategies and dialogues to secure the appointment
  • Telephone skills for appointing unscheduled treatment plans, recall appointments and collection calls
  • Skills to facilitate the flow of patients for multiple appointments
  • Learn to work with specialists for multiple phase treatments
  • Personality types and how they affect case presentation
  • Communicating with dental labs and monitoring lab costs
  • Understanding accounts receivable
  • Maximizing insurance benefits for your patients
  • Communicating with noncompliant or difficult patients
  • Keeping proper clinical and business records
  • Maximizing your computer software program for measuring your effectiveness
  • Public relations and marketing your practice
  • The three parts of the treatment plan process for implants, veneers, crowns, bridges etc.
  • Marketing to patients who currently wear partials and dentures
  • Marketing to general practices to demonstrate your mastery
  • Analysis of your current treatment presentation 

Support Materials

  • Community Overview Report consisting of 8 zip codes including: Competition – dentist to population is examined; demographics – population, projected population, median age, medium income, income by percentage, households, age by percentage, per capita income, average disposable income, product purchase categories: Psychographics (Lifestyles); Maps; Charts and Graphs; Data Tables – ratio of dentists to population, owner vs renter, historical growth, major employers, property values; analysis report of entire data.
  • Comparative Fee Schedule – 7 page report detailing 216 of the most often performed dental procedures compared to your existing fee schedule compiled for your zip code.
  • How Personality Styles Affect Practice Success-Book
  • Recorded treatment presentation (recording device will be sent to you prior to training)
  • Personality/temperament assessment

Support Follow Up

Four telephone meetings are available for you at your request and can begin anytime up to three months after the program. You tell us what will work best for you. We want you to achieve the success that you desire and are eager to work with you to make that success a reality. Before, during or after the program, you have the entire support team at McKenzie Management to answer your questions.