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  1. The doctor takes 80 minutes for a crown preparation and 20 minutes to seat the crown. The fee for the crown is $876. The doctor's production per hour is:

  2. The doctor's per hour goal to reach $74,175/month working 4.5 days per week, 8 hours a day is:

  3. Last month the practice produced $86,231 and collected $76,498. The practice spent $6,854 on lab charges. What % of collections is lab expense?

  4. Last year the practice produced $837,948 and the year before produced 812,348. The practice increased by what %?

  5. If the hygiene daily goal is $950/day for 8 hours and she had one 50 minute appointment opening on Monday, the amount of production lost to the practice is

  6. If the practice produced $59,348/month and collected $53,387 and had write off adjustments of $4,289, the collection ratio is:

  7. If the practice produced $3843 on Monday and $5498 on Tuesday and $2847 on Wednesday and collected 42.5% over the counter how much did they collect?

  8. If my payroll is $14,300/month and Becky wants a raise of 4% from her $2,543/monthly salary and my monthly collections are $61,237/month I will have to increase my collections to what amount for my payroll to be 20% of my collections?

  9. If there are two doctors in the practice and Dr. A. produces $658,412 and Dr. B. produces $583,875 how much production can be expected from Dr. A of an anticipated yearly goal of $1,500,000.

  10. From January 1, to April 15, the practice produced $420,586. What will be the practice's anticipated year end production?
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