"I feel 100% more confident in my position. I have learned more in this 2 day training than I have in one month - it will make you see aspects of your position that are crucial for growth."

"Before the training I didn't have a clue how to make my practice better, but since going through it there is no place to go except up! Now my confidence level is sky high and I can't go fast enough to implement my visions and new ideas."

"After the training course I am more confident in my job. I no longer feel like I am "floating" or "just winging it". I have a definite daily, weekly & monthly goal and things to accomplish. I would say that you are actually saving money by spending the money for the training. It was an eye opener to see how much money we have allowed to slip through because of ineffective practices."

""Before training at McKenzie, I felt the knowledge I had about managing and handling dental patients and administration was minimal, and scattered. The training I received helped me build confidence in my abilities."

"My understanding of the numbers and what they represent have really given my confidence a boost. I can track and monitor the systems now. This information will never become outdated, you'll just get better the more you use it. If my doctor will allow me to implement everything I learned at McKenzie's Advanced Training Center, it will be like night and day."

"Prior to attending McKenzie's Dentist CEO Business Training my knowledge was minimal. I now feel a significant gain of knowledge and more empowered to run my practice."