Dental Training Center

Office Managers and Administrators Training

Curriculum: 2 Days of Eight Hour One-on-One Training

Managing overhead to fee analysis to team performance reviews are just a few of the various dental business topics that are taught at this two-day extensive learning experience. The curriculum is customized based on your objectives.

  • Certificate of Completion is awarded
  • Curriculum Training Manual provided

This Program is designed to provide the knowledge and tools to improve your performance and the performance of the systems in the practice. This is NOT a classroom setting but a one-on-one instruction.

The Business of Dentistry

  • Understanding your numbers vs. industry standards
  • Generate, analyze and interpret profit and loss statements
  • Manage practice overhead (personnel, rental/maintenance of office space, administrative expenses, equipment/ furnishings, clinical supplies/lab, office supplies, marketing)
  • Analyzing the hygiene department for increased productivity
  • Determining hygiene availability
  • Evaluate the need for an additional producer
  • Improve business management systems
  • Setting production objectives
  • Leadership skills
  • New business vs. lost business
  • Industry standards
  • Fee analysis
  • Marketing/Practice identity
  • Customer service

Staff Management

  • Staff recruitment, hiring and dismissal
  • Salary review
  • Raise negotiation
  • Drafting of explicit job descriptions
  • Establishing accountability
  • Performance reviews
  • Employee policies, vacation, jury duty, sick leave, etc
  • Team motivation
  • Team planning meetings
  • Employee warning

Systems Management: Watching the Numbers

  • Keep track of growth/realistic concept of active patient status
  • Reach daily scheduling objectives
  • Treatment presentation and acceptance
  • Patient retention
  • Compare production versus adjusted production, calculating value of unscheduled time units
  • Cash flow management, accounts receivable, over counter collections, delinquent accounts, financial arrangements
  • Build hygiene production through effective recall
  • Enhance practice image through effective marketing and promotion
  • Facilitate staff meetings, agendas
  • Computer utilization
  • New patient protocol

Support Materials: The Office Manager Training Program includes the following educational books that will be provided and referenced throughout the training.

Cash Flow Management: If you're falling short of consistently meeting benchmarks such as: 98% collection ratio, % of accounts receivable over 90 days less than 12%, 45% over the counter collections, 55% overhead expense, 15% minimum increase in collections each year then this book is for you. Chocked full of proven "scripts" that make collecting money easy! Step- by- step protocol on how to achieve industry objectives that are accomplished by highly successful practices. Techniques are given to increase your production yearly by scheduling more effectively, and... to reduce your overhead in the most common "out of control" areas: dental supplies, laboratory salaries and miscellaneous categories.

How Personality Styles Affect Practice Success: Problems in dental offices are caused by a breakdown in communications due to different personality styles. Understanding your employees' personality traits can help to better match your staff with the work they are likely to do best. Based on the Myers Briggs Temperament Type, each job position in dentistry, business, clinical and hygiene is matched with the best temperament type suited for the position. Dentists will learn how their personality affects their ability to successfully manage the business and its employees. Included is the book Please Understand Me that provides the personality test and scoring form.

Performance Measurements for the Dental Team: Rating employee performance is a dreaded task for most dentists. Now it will be easier for you using objective performance measurements that are specifically designed for the dental practice. These extensive, ready-to-use appraisal forms help you measure an employee's performance based on:

  • Job description
  • Job performance
  • Productivity, innovation
  • Work ethics
  • Cooperation

Your Performance Measurements kit includes an extensive workbook and CD-ROM allowing you to generate electronic reports on your computer and/or e-mail them to staff members. You will learn: how to determine the number of employees needed for a successful practice, how to design results-oriented job descriptions for all business and clinical staff, use performance charting to objectively measure your employees, and make sound hiring and firing decisions.

How to Hire the Best Employee: Now there is a complete guide to help dentists in hiring new employees. Chapters include: developing a job description, advertising, reviewing the resumes, initial telephone screening, the interview process, the application form, asking the right questions, testing applicants, and checking references. The manual includes ads that generate responses, a ready-to-use application form, over 100 questions designed specifically for business, hygiene, and clinical assistant positions, as well as competency tests.

Support Follow Up: Four telephone meetings are available for you at your request and can begin anytime up to three months after the program. You tell us what will work best for you. We want you to achieve the success that you desire and are eager to work with you to make that success a reality. Before, during or after the program, you have the entire support team at McKenzie Management to answer your questions.

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